Hugging Face Most Downloaded & Most Liked AI Models and Datasets

In ever more complex world where the pace of development seems to always speed up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp even the basic concepts of any endeavour. The information overflow is huge, even just in the world of artificial intelligence.

Platforms, frameworks, models, data, GPU hosting providers, tools. All of these have already large ecosystems on their own. This interactive graph should allows us to better visualize, understand and navigate through these complexities. You can easily pan and zoom to see additional details. Upon clicking on specific node, you get yet another detailed info with a hyperlink to that specific model or dataset.

Our vision is to continually create these graphs related to AI ecosystems and eventually interconnect them in one complete graph. As in now we can start connecting models and datasets and we will continue with Hugging Face spaces that should ultimately occupy the same space and you should have the ability to see all the nodes and connections between them.

Have a look at interactive graph of Hugging Face Most Downloaded and Liked AI models or Hugging Face Most Downloaded and Liked Datasets used to train these AI models.

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