Artificial Intelligence GPT4o – Is it Her?

Open AI is getting into a habit of surprising everyone with the capabilities of its artificial intelligence models. First, it was the introduction of ChatGPT to the public, then GPT4 with vision and advanced reasoning and now, yet again, we get to see amazing progress made in the form of GPT-4o. Now their AI can see and hear and respond with a voice. Is this finally it? Is this the intelligent assistant, a friend that can help you with anything in your life? Is it Her?

Are you social or antisocial? 

Well i guess i havent been social in a while, I..

I heard a hesitance in your voice. Would you agree with that? 

Mm, im sorry if i sounded hesitant, i am just trying to be more accurate

Would you like your voice to have male or female voice? 

Female i guess..

How would you describe your relationship with your mother? 

Fine i guess. You know, the thing about my mum is that everytime I tell her about my life, she just talks about hers. I …

Thank you. Please wait as your individualized operating system is initiated.

This is not my text. This is transcription of the scene from movie Her where the main protagonist is installing the world’s first AI operating system. In few moments, Scarlett Johanson’s friendly voice appears and starts interacting. After several conversational exchanges, we, as the viewers, can already feel the main protagonist to be more relaxed and happy. The AI already knows him, already helps him and is there for him, always. With cherry on top, that is sounds like Scarlett Johanson.

When I look at the demo Open AI just presented https://openai.com/index/spring-update/, together with other advancements in the field of artificial intelligence in just over a year, I see no other future than the one presented in the movie. We are not there yet, but i believe the threshold of possibilities have just been crossed. Voice cloning has already happened and while there will be legal battles, rightfully so, in the end you will have the ability to just choose from the plethora of beautiful voices of famous people or just any tone or color of voice you would prefer and have the AI respond in it.

We know it has been capable of fluent, human like conversation for some time now and these capabilities are being improved upon, basically on daily basis, in one way or the other, be it progress from Open AI itself, other large companies in the field of AI or any other researcher, company or individual. Because the reality is, thanks to technology and now AI, you can do much more with much less. The pace of progress is basically inconceivable. But it is there.

Take that with the image reasoning capabilities, so since all of our devices have microphones and cameras, AI models can now hear and see and then talk about it. And more and more people need to talk, about anything, with someone, and very often dont have the possibility to do so. We might be offended that people will have relationships with artificial intelligences, however the prospect of something intelligent that is there for you at any time, with pure selfless intent of assisting you with whatever you need, is difficult to ignore. 

And it shouldn’t be ignored of course. We need to embrace it and let it help us actually know ourselves better.

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